What’s in a Flight?

At Delta Private Jets, we are privileged to help make travel personalized, luxurious and most importantly, about you and your schedule.  Regardless of whether your luxury air travel needs are based on business, pleasure, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences, Delta Private Jets can customize your journey to your needs.   

Our private jet charter and travel options are built around your needs.  With access to our fleet of Wi-Fi equipped aircraft, the convenience of 24/7 hour client services, and an experienced and extensive crew and staff at your command and focused on your travel, from planning to execution and post-trip follow up, the focus is you. 

What’s in a Flight?  YOU

Your needs and details are the nucleus of every trip.  Whether it is an executive jet travel charter or a Jet Card member trip, your pre-trip details are gathered and executed to ensure a convenient and seamless flight. 

What are your requirements for a trip?

  1. How many people will be travelling?
  2. What is the purpose of your trip so we cater to your needs?
  3. Are you mixing commercial travel with private jet travel? We can coordinate both for you with Delta Air Lines and Delta Private Jets
  4. Do you have specific catering needs for the flight?
  5. What kind of ground transportation will you need?

These are just a few of the questions that are asked upon booking a flight.  The purpose of this first blog entry is to reinforce that a flight isn’t just a flight when you book it through Delta Private Jets.  Private jet travel is about not wasting your time, but using your time efficiently, effectively, and luxuriously.