What is an OCC?

The Operations and Client Center (OCC) is the heart of the daily Delta Private Jets operation. Located at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), Delta Private Jets maintains operational control of the aircraft fleet worldwide and provides connectivity with crewmembers, caterers, ground transportation companies, handlers, and FBOs to ensure the finest customer experience possible.

This facility employs over 40 people and houses Flight Control, Crew Scheduling, Client Services, Aircraft Scheduling, and Maintenance Control departments. The facility is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year to serve Delta Private Jets’ clients and partners worldwide.

Flight Control
Our Flight Control Department provides trip authorization, which is the final quality control/assurance required prior to actual aircraft launch. This team also ensures all regulatory and logistical requirements are met for each flight and provides flight crew support for hotels, meals, rental cars, and ground transportation. Duties also include handling all FBO reservations, slot reservations, and customs/international permitting needs for each flight.

Strategic Planning Team
Our Strategic Planning Team works within the Flight Control department with responsibility to proactively resolve forward schedule issues and actively monitors weather, NOTAMs, Temporary Flight Restrictions, payload issues, and aircraft performance issues to ensure a safe and legal flight.

Crew Scheduling
This team ensures flight crews are assigned to aircraft, makes travel arrangements for crews to and from their aircraft and assignments, and administers schedule bids and awards for our crew members.

Client Services
Our Client Services team handles all travel requests and arrangements, including private jet travel, catering, ground transportation, rental cars and more for Delta Private Jets Card members, aircraft owners, and charter customers.

Maintenance Control
Ensures the on-going airworthiness of Delta Private Jets’ aircraft fleet and that all scheduled inspections items are completed. Should an airplane experience mechanical difficulty, this team sources the mechanics and parts to quickly return the aircraft to service with fleet specific expertise

Aircraft Scheduling
Assigns requested flights to aircraft and ensures the aircraft meets the customer’s specifications for the mission to be flown.
Together with our flight crews and partners, we successfully execute our dynamic flight schedule each and every day, ensuring the needs of every client’s private travel are met safely and as seamlessly as possible.

Matt Kahn
Director of the OCC
Delta Private Jets