Jet Card

Guaranteed access to seamless travel

Leave nothing to chance. Jet Card Membership is the obvious choice when your life demands making the most of every hour. And membership makes traveling discreet and effortless. From the world’s bustling hubs to small runways, we’ll get you there. Gain the flexibility and reliability of private jet ownership, without the hassle or capital investment. We’ll help you maintain control of your travel experience, with comfort, luxury, and convenience you can count on.

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Open the door to more flexibility with Jet Card

  • Guaranteed private jet booking with as little as 24 hours notice
  • 24/7 Client Services Team
  • Book any aircraft type for any flight, for no additional fees
  • Receive Diamond Medallion Status on Delta Air Lines® at select Jet Card levels
  • Book both private and commercial flights with Delta Air Lines® with Jet Card funds
  • Receive 20% off select class fares on Delta Air Lines®.
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Benefits with Delta Air Lines®

Use your Jet Card funds to book both private and commercial flights, or a combination of the two, on any trip. We’ll make the experience effortless.

  • Diamond Medallion® Status at select Jet Card levels
  • Booking both private and commercial with Jet Card Funds
  • 20% off select Delta fares
  • Porsche transfers are available in select locations

Straight Forward Pricing for Personal & Professional Travel

Get the most value from your travel with a Jet Card. Use it for board meetings or surprise your family with a ski trip to Vail. Card levels start as low as $150,000, with no initiation fees or annual dues, so 100% of your funds go toward personal or professional travel. 

  • No fractional ownership commitment
  • No risks or guessing with fixed hourly rates, which are locked in for up to two years
  • Receive discounts on qualifying round-trip flights and select cross-country trips
  • No aircraft repositioning costs
  • As few as 15 Peak Days*

A Fleet at Your Command

Jet Card customers are guaranteed a flight within 24 hours on one of our 70+ WiFi-equipped aircraft throughout the United States. Choose the type of plane that suits your needs for any given trip. Fly any category, any time.

Up to 7 passengers.
For shorter distances and access to more runways, Light Jets offer an economical choice and efficient way to travel that retains a high level of luxury.

Up to 8 passengers.
If you have a smaller group, but want to travel longer distances, Mid size Jets may be the perfect choice. They offer ample cabin and baggage space with more features than smaller jets.

8 to 10 passengers.
Able to travel nonstop, coast-to-coast at the speed of a commercial airliner, Super-Mid size Jets give you and your companions plenty of room to relax, work, and play in luxury for the journey.

Up to 10 passengers.
Roomier cabins, longer ranges, and a cabin attendant distinguish large jets. Step to more space, freedom, and luxury in this category.

Up to 13 passengers.
Long-range aircraft offer the utmost in comfort and mobility on transcontinental flights.

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A Luxurious, Seamless Experience

We can help you book trips that make your life easier and more enjoyable. As a Jet Card member, you’ll have access to exclusive services and events, for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. 

  • 24/7 dedicated Client Services team
  • Luxurious high touch service transfers between private and commercial flights in the latest Porsche models, available in select markets and airports 
  • Opportunities for member benefits through select Wheels Up Private Jets partners
  • Access to one of a kind events and experiences
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A Trusted Name in Private Aviation

You can’t put a price on peace of mind   

Our customers’ safety is our top priority. Wheels Up Private Jets® holds the coveted ARG/US Platinum safety rating longer than any other operation in the world.

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