On-Demand Charter

Delta Private Jets On-Demand Charter meets your personal scheduling and bottom-line requirements. When you need to book private air travel on an as needed basis, Delta Private Jets’ On-Demand Charter is the appropriate solution.

About On-Demand Charter

Operating a fleet of more than 70 aircraft through Delta Private Jets and access to 1000 additional aircraft across five aircraft category sizes (Light, Midsize, Super Midsize, Large and Long Range), Delta Private Jets will connect you to the ideal aircraft for your personal or business travel needs.



  • Pay as you go access to our diverse fleet of aircraft on a size category or type-specific basis.
  • You have the opportunity to book aircraft based on specific trip needs between categories.


  • Unlike many of our competitors, Delta Private Jets offers competitive, one-way pricing instead of fixed base aircraft priced round trips.


  • Delta Private Jets offers all-in and simple pricing structure for charter flights.

Cabin Sizes

Aircraft available in five aircraft size categories, with passenger capacity up to 14: