Aircraft Management

Private jet ownership is an investment in personal freedom. At Delta Private Jets, we believe we can help you get the most out of your investment. We can help you reduce the cost of ownership through our unique savings programs and ability to provide charter revenue when you or your company is not utilizing your aircraft.


Whether you’re looking for revenue-generating opportunities, comprehensive aircraft management solutions, or both, learn how Delta Private Jets delivers the programs you need to experience private aircraft ownership as it was meant to be.   

And let us put our 30 years of experience to work for you. With our turn-key program, you can feel completely confident that your investment is in capable hands. And you can be sure that every last detail will be handled. So that when you’re ready for your next adventure, your aircraft will be ready for you.


Turn-Key Aircraft Management

Crew Member Services

We can work with your existing, qualified crew members or recruit a dedicated team of the industry’s most qualified personnel to operate your aircraft. Plus, we can provide complete HR services, including administration of training, payroll and benefits.

Operations Maintenance Management

We coordinate all maintenance and provide full operational oversight to ensure regulatory compliance the highest levels of quality control. Our team will oversee the planning and monitoring of all flight-related activities, including crew coordination and accommodation arrangements, aircraft schedules, international flight permits and more.

Finance & Expense Management

All aircraft-related expenses will be thoroughly reviewed, processed for payment and provided in a consolidated monthly statement.

Savings Programs

We offer free crew member positioning for training, maintenance and charter flying, as well as significant discounts on:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Crew member training and more.
  • Hotel and ground transportation throughout the U.S.

Optional Charter Programs

With Turn-key Management, we can also certify qualified aircraft and crew to generate charter revenue when your aircraft is not in use.

Charter Management

With Delta Private Jets Charter Management, we can turn your aircraft into a significant revenue stream. Let us help you reduce your cost of ownership through our charter services that include exclusive benefits, resources and savings programs.

Because Delta Private Jets generates its own charter demand and is not reliant on third parties, we are uniquely able to offer generous charter opportunity.

At Delta Private Jets, we will:

  • Certify your crew and aircraft for charter operations (subject to qualifications and regulatory approvals)
  • Generate revenue for you based on charter hours flown
  • Provide 200 hours or more for charter opportunity for qualified aircraft

As with all Delta Private Jet Aircraft Management Programs, you’re also entitled to free crew member positioning for training, maintenance and charter flying, as well as significant discounts on:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Crew member training and more
  • Hotel and ground transportation discounts throughout the U.S.

Aircraft Deployment

Capitalize on your limited aircraft use while completely eliminating fixed costs. 

If you fly 100 hours or less per year, and own a qualifying aircraft, this variable lease program not only offsets ownership costs – it turns the expensive idle time of your aircraft into an immediate revenue-generating resource.  Delta Private Jets is currently accepting the Citation CJ3 into this program. 

The Delta Private Jets Aircraft Deployment program is focused on the aircraft owner whose use of the plane is minimal throughout the year and is looking for cost and financial risk reduction.  Delta Private Jets pays all traditional fixed and variable costs in return for dedicated access to the aircraft, shifting the cost burden from the aircraft owner to Delta Private Jets.  

How Program Works:

  • Delta Private Jets staffs your aircraft and places it in a high-utilization charter program
  • Provides 50+ charter revenue hours per month
  • Covers all fixed expenses (including crew salaries, benefits, insurance, hangar, cleaning, etc.)
  • Pays all fuel expenses
  • Funds engine/APU reserves and parts/labor maintenance reserves through a fixed hourly reimbursement
  • Covers repositioning costs whenever you need your aircraft

Aircraft Owner Benefits:

  • Aircraft ownership without all of the financial burden
  • Responsibility of aircraft management, including crew, shifted from the owner to Delta Private Jets
  • Privileges with Delta Air Lines, including SkyMiles Diamond Medallion status

This program is based on a successful partnership between an aircraft owner and Delta Private Jets, an FAA-certificated Part 135 air carrier with more than 30 years of experience and the longest continuous holder of any operator of the coveted ARG/US Platinum safety rating in the world. 

Learn how your aircraft may be a perfect fit for this management model, as several specific aircraft types are well suited for this program.