New Aircraft Join Fleet at Delta Private Jets

Delta Private Jets is thrilled to welcome some new aircraft to our fleet of jets!   Check out the aircraft you might be on for your next private jet flight.

In our light jet category, we welcome a gleaming, brand new Citation CJ3+ straight from Cessna.  This boldly painted jet offers a sleek grey interior, comfortable leather seating, digital bells and whistles in the cockpit including an upgraded Intrinzic™ flight deck powered by Garmin G3000™, and the latest in technical capabilities with wifi, multiple power outlets, and Cessna Clarity™ cabin management system.  This brand new aircraft will be based in Las Vegas, providing efficient positioning for our customers in the west.  This jet is fully onboarded and ready for travel.

We greet three new aircraft in our midsize jet category.  The first is a Cessna Citation XLS which will serve in our floating fleet.  The Citation XLS was the first “makeover” that the Excel received. Besides a glass cockpit based on the Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics suite, the XLS features the upgraded PW545B engines with increased performance.  This aircraft comfortably seats eight passengers and has wifi capabilities, perfect for both pleasure and business needs.   The combination of standard single seating and a bench for two allows for comfortable conversation and work space. 

A Citation Excel joins this group of midsize jets.  This plane from Cessna is known for its reliability, performance, and its spacious interior.  Ensuring flexibility of use for our customers, this aircraft will be a part of our floating fleet. 

Our third midsize jet is a Bombardier Learjet 45XR and will be based in Miami-Opa Locka, Florida.  Offering spacious seating for eight with plenty of room to recline and swivel, the interior is designed for very comfortable travel.  This classic Learjet design is a great addition to our midsize category of jets.

Our newest jet in the super midsize category is a Citation Sovereign +.  The Citation Sovereign+ has a class-leading short takeoff and enhanced technology, including the Garmin G5000® avionics suite and the Cessna Clarity™ cabin management system.  It can take passengers further than on a Sovereign, enabling many non-stop cross country trips.  The jet has a passenger capacity of eight and full sleeping capacity for four.  The galley includes a microwave oven for easy heating during flight.  Wifi, multiple video monitors, the airshow system and a DVD player are all accessible for use on this aircraft. 

Our goal at Delta Private Jets is to continuously update our fleet to ensure our clients have luxurious, safe and convenient private jet travel at their finger tips.  Our fleet is available for our chartered jet clients as well as our jet card program members. 

Each of these new aircraft were on-boarded through the Delta Private Jets Aircraft Management department, focused on assisting aircraft owners with options matching their specific goals, including revenue-generating opportunities and comprehensive aircraft management solutions.  For further information, contact

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