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Experience Travel In A Class By Itself

Delta Private Jets® is excited to introduce long-range aircraft to its fleet, offering Jet Card Members the ability to fly coast-to-coast and internationally. Jet Card Members can book long range aircraft with guaranteed hourly rates for domestic travel and a book preferred charter quote for international trips, both utilizing their Jet Card funds. With easy booking and an enhanced in-flight experience, these aircraft provide more access and more luxury for customers.

The long-range aircraft option affords On-Demand Charter customers the following benefits:

  • Space: A larger cabin for more comfort, availability to book up to 8 seats, plus a cabin attendant serving every flight.
  • Range: With up to 8-hour flight ranges, these aircraft can take customers anywhere within the continental U.S., Caribbean, Canada and Mexico.
  • Access: Positioned in key markets such as the New York metropolitan area and southeastern U.S., the long-range fleet allows customers easy access to suitable destinations worldwide.


To learn more about the Delta Private Jets Card, complete the form to be contact by a Sales Representative or call 1-877-541-3548.