Jet Card

Does the Jet Card membership pay for fuel?

Hourly rates include fuel costs, so there is no additional fuel cost after purchase of the Jet Card from Delta Private Jets.

Can Jet Card members schedule the use of multiple aircraft on the same day?

Yes.  Unlike most other private jet services, cardholders/members may schedule multiple aircraft on the same day.  Availability of multiple aircraft will be guaranteed on all days except Peak Days which is specific to a member’s contract.

What is the passenger capacity for each aircraft size category?

  1. Light Jet – guaranteed up to 6 / six passengers
  2. Midsize – guaranteed up to 8 / eight passengers
  3. Super Midsize – guaranteed up to 8 / eight passengers
  4. Large – guaranteed up to 10 / ten passengers

It’s important to factor in excess luggage, skis, golf clubs, etc. when determining size needs by the trip. Please ensure this is mentioned when booking travel.

These noted passenger capacity numbers are based on guarantees.

What are Peak Days?

Peak Days are specific days throughout the year which are subject to special terms and requirements noted in a member’s Jet Card agreement, primarily including:

  1. Peak Day hourly rates
  2. 120 hour notification to DPJ for guaranteed jet availability
  3. 120 hour notification to DPJ for avoidance of cancellation fees
  4. Flexibility of + or – 3 hours on departure time (utilized at Delta Private Jets’ discretion)

Are there trip minimums for Jet Card members?

No.  This is one of the many advantages of being a Jet Card member.  There are no trip minimums. However, the Delta Private Jets Card does impose daily minimums to ensure members can maximize the value of flying more trips in a Trip Day versus other card programs.

Does Delta Private Jets provide catering or ground transportation?

Catering and ground transportation can be arranged when booking travel with Client Services. These charges are deducted from the member’s Jet Card balance.  There is a 15% administrative fee added to the cost of these incidental items arranged by Delta Private Jets.

Is the Delta Private Jets Card refundable?

In order to hold access to the many benefits and competitive rates of the Jet Card, the deposit is not refundable.

Does the Jet Card balance expire?

The standard Jet Card has a two-year term, but this term is specific to the member’s agreement. After the completion of the term, the deposit does expire.  The Delta Private Jets Card may be replenished with a renewal with then-currently published hourly rates and Jet Card Agreement terms.

On-Demand Charter

Who provides the aircraft used in the Charter program?

Aircraft for On-Demand Charter flights come from Delta Private Jets’ fleet of managed aircraft, as well as from Delta Private Jets network of approved affiliate operators. Approved affiliates must hold an ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, or ISBAO Stage III safety rating and pass an ARG/US TripCheq or Wyvern Pass report before each flight.

Do Charter customers pay for fuel?

Quotes for Charter Services from Delta Private Jets include all fuel costs.

Can On Demand Charter customers schedule the use of multiple aircraft on the same day?

Yes. Unlike most other private jet services, charter customers may schedule multiple aircraft on the same day.