Jet Card

Does the Jet Card membership pay for fuel?

Hourly rates include fuel costs, so there is no additional fuel cost after purchase of the Jet Card from Delta Private Jets.

Can Jet Card members schedule the use of multiple aircraft on the same day?

Yes.  Unlike most other private jet services, cardholders/members may schedule multiple aircraft on the same day.  Availability of multiple aircraft will be guaranteed on all days except Peak Days which is specific to a member’s contract.

What is the passenger capacity for each aircraft size category?

  1. Light Jet – guaranteed up to 6 / six passengers
  2. Midsize – guaranteed up to 8 / eight passengers
  3. Super Midsize – guaranteed up to 8 / eight passengers
  4. Large – guaranteed up to 10 / ten passengers

It’s important to factor in excess luggage, skis, golf clubs, etc. when determining size needs by the trip. Please ensure this is mentioned when booking travel.

These noted passenger capacity numbers are based on guarantees.

What are Peak Days?

Peak Days are specific days throughout the year which are subject to special terms and requirements noted in a member’s Jet Card agreement, primarily including:

  1. Peak Day hourly rates
  2. 120 hour notification to DPJ for guaranteed jet availability
  3. 120 hour notification to DPJ for avoidance of cancellation fees
  4. Flexibility of + or – 3 hours on departure time (utilized at Delta Private Jets’ discretion)

Are there trip minimums for Jet Card members?

No.  This is one of the many advantages of being a Jet Card member.  There are no trip minimums. However, the Delta Private Jets Card does impose daily minimums to ensure members can maximize the value of flying more trips in a Trip Day versus other card programs.

Does Delta Private Jets provide catering or ground transportation?

Catering and ground transportation can be arranged when booking travel with Client Services. These charges are deducted from the member’s Jet Card balance.  There is a 15% administrative fee added to the cost of these incidental items arranged by Delta Private Jets.

Is the Delta Private Jets Card refundable?

In order to hold access to the many benefits and competitive rates of the Jet Card, the deposit is not refundable.

Does the Jet Card balance expire?

The standard Jet Card has a two-year term, but this term is specific to the member’s agreement. After the completion of the term, the deposit does expire.  The Delta Private Jets Card may be replenished with a renewal with then-currently published hourly rates and Jet Card Agreement terms.

Sky Access Program

What is the Sky Access Program?

A membership program that provides fixed hourly rate private jet travel and empty leg access.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, the first year is $8,500 and thereafter $6,000* annually. *Rates for subsequent years may vary.

Is there a fee for empty leg bookings?

No, there is not an additional per-leg cost. Access is provided by paying the membership fee.

Can I view available empty legs before purchasing a membership?

Yes, a demo option is available by registering at You will be able to view, but not book, currently available empty legs.

Where can I join or receive more information about the Sky Access program?

On the Delta Private Jets’ website at

Are there Delta Air Lines commercial benefits for Sky Access Members?

Sky Access members may receive a 20% discount off select, published Delta Air Lines fares. The account holder must make the reservation, and be a passenger on any reservation.

How can scheduled private jet trips be booked?

You may use your log-in credentials to log on to the Client Portal at, or use the Delta Private Jets Mobile App.

How are scheduled private jet trips paid for?

By credit card at time of your booking. Use the credit card stored on file or provide a new one of your choice.

How soon before departure time must I book a private jet travel flight?

More than 24 hours before departure time for a domestic flight or more than 48 hours before departure time for an international flight. The booking window for each is from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, EST.

Can I make a change or cancel my scheduled trip?

Contact Client Services at 1-877-323-5381 or to request a change or cancellation. Fees may apply. Our Client Services team will be happy to assist. Changes and cancellations are not yet possible on the Delta Private Jets Mobile App.

How is the price for a scheduled private jet trip determined?

Delta Private Jets will estimate the flight time for your routing based on the cabin size selected. If a fuel stop is expected to be added, 45 minutes of flight time will be automatically added.

There is a premium of 10% for any international flight. These rates include fuel, taxes, and international fees.

Are there any blackout dates?

20 days annually are scheduled as blackout days where private travel cannot be booked. Please refer to your member agreement for specific dates.

Can I book international travel?

A Sky Access membership allows scheduled travel in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and various Caribbean countries. Please refer to your member agreement for specific countries.

Can I order catering and ground transportation?

Yes. It may be requested at time of booking and will be charged to the credit card on file for Sky Access members. A standard 15% administration fee is applied.

How can empty legs be booked?

You may use your log-in credentials to log on to the website,, or to the Delta Private Jets Mobile App.

When are empty legs available for booking?

From 24 hours to 4 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

Are empty legs available for individual purchase?

No, empty legs are available for booking by joining one of our membership programs.

Will I have to share the aircraft?

No, a customer who books an empty leg books the entire aircraft.

What is an expanded empty leg?

Expanded legs are additional city pair offerings associated with an existing route that are available for booking. These legs are created using our AmpliFLY™, our patent-pending technology that offers additional travel options when available.

Are international legs available?

A very limited number, to and from specific US airports, with near 24/7 Customs availability.

Are airports or times flexible? Can I change either?

Requests may be considered but are not guaranteed and are unlikely to be granted.

Can the aircraft be changed?

Yes, aircraft type or size is not guaranteed and either can be changed based on operational needs.

Could a fuel stop be added?

Yes, non-stop performance is not guaranteed.

What if there is a schedule change or irregular operation before departure?

While legs may be recovered; it is highly unlikely. Cancellation is expected. Recovery is not guaranteed and is highly unlikely at all times.

Will I have to pay for catering or ground transportation if there is a cancellation?

If the empty leg is cancelled by Delta Private Jets Shuttle due to a service interruption or cancellation, the catering and ground charges may still be assessed, as well as the administrative fee.

What if I cancel a booked empty leg?

You may be charged $500.

What if I do not show for a booked empty leg?

You may be charged $500.

Can I view historical empty legs offered?

Yes, select Empty Leg History when visiting

On-Demand Charter

Who provides the aircraft used in the Charter program?

Aircraft for On-Demand Charter flights come from Delta Private Jets’ fleet of managed aircraft, as well as from Delta Private Jets network of approved affiliate operators. Approved affiliates must hold an ARG/US Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, or ISBAO Stage III safety rating and pass an ARG/US TripCheq or Wyvern Pass report before each flight.

Do Charter customers pay for fuel?

Quotes for Charter Services from Delta Private Jets include all fuel costs.

Can On Demand Charter customers schedule the use of multiple aircraft on the same day?

Yes. Unlike most other private jet services, charter customers may schedule multiple aircraft on the same day.