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Charter Flights

Your on-demand service that goes above and beyond

Whether you're traveling with colleagues for business, or flying the family on vacation, a charter flight is often the most practical way to get there. And with Delta Private Jets, it's also the most pleasurable.

Our dedicated staff will help you choose the perfect aircraft and handle every detail that follows. One reason why Executive Travel magazine named us Best Private Jet Service the past 5 years in a row.

To learn more or for additional booking information, use our online form, call 800-927-0927, or contact

Your jet and the world are waiting

With access to over 1,000 private jets across four category sizes (Light, Midsize, Super-Midsize, and Large), we'll connect you to the ideal aircraft for your needs and virtually any airport in the world - from major business centers to small, regional fields.

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Let us handle all of your needs

Luxurious seating, personalized in-flight catering, and an array of comforts await you. And that's just the beginning. The needs of your entire travel party will be catered to, even after your jet lands - including ground transportation, hotel accommodations, and whatever else we can do to make your trip special.

Convenience of a charter, experience of an airline

Delta Private Jets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines - the world's largest airline. So you get the best of both worlds: private jet travel with the strength and safety standards of a major carrier. Our staff selection process is one of the most stringent in the industry, putting the most qualified people on your side. Our safety rating is unequaled in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who provides the aircraft used in the Charter program?

Aircraft for Charter Flights come from Delta Private Jets fleet of owned and managed aircraft as well as from Delta Private Jets network of approved affiliate operators. Approved affiliates must have a signed agreement with Delta Private Jets as well as hold an ARG/US Platinum or Gold safety rating and pass an ARG/US TripCheq before every flight. ARG/US is a worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines.

Do Charter customers pay for fuel?

Our Charter quotes include all fuel costs.

Will Charter customers be able to schedule the use of multiple aircraft on the same day?

Yes, unlike most other private jet services, Charter customers may schedule multiple aircraft on the same day. Availability to multiple aircraft will be guaranteed on all days except Peak Days.

How many passengers does Delta Private Jets guarantee in each category?

Delta Private Jets guarantees the following number of passengers in each aircraft category: Light Jet - up to six passengers. Midsize Jet - up to seven passengers. Super-Midsize Jet - up to eight passengers. Large Jet - up to nine passengers. Please be aware of possible constraints on the ability of aircraft to carry excessive luggage. If you would like to bring luggage such as skis, golf bags, firearms, etc. please notify Delta Private Jets at the time your trip is scheduled.

Do Charter Flights have Peak Days?

January 1-5
January 14-18
February 11-15
March 24-28
May 26-30
July 1-5
September 1-5
November 21-28
December 23-31
January 1-4 2017

Do Charter Flights have Trip Minimums?

No. There are no Trip Minimums. Rather, Charter Flights have Daily Minimums so that Charter customers can maximize the value of flying more trips in a Trip Day versus other charter programs.

Does Delta Private Jets provide catering or ground transportation?

Catering and ground transportation are examples of typical incidental items. Delta Private Jets can arrange incidentals at the time of booking. These charges are deducted from your deposit and reflected on your monthly statement. There will be a 10% administrative fee added to the cost of the incidental items arranged by Delta Private Jets.

Am I covered by a Delta insurance policy?

When flying a trip under the Delta Private Jets Charter Program, you and your passengers are listed as additionally insured on Delta Private Jets liability insurance policy.


Who do I call to arrange Charter Flights?

To book a private Charter Flight we welcome you to use our online booking service or call one of Delta Private Jets Concierge Team members at 1-800-927-0927 (Option 1). Please be sure to have the following information to reserve an aircraft: departure city, arrival city, dates, takeoff or arrival times, and names of passengers. Your Concierge Team member will request any additional information that they may need.


What is the Delta Private Jets relationship with Delta?

Delta Private Jets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, focusing on private business jet travel. Since 1984, Delta Private Jets has been setting the standard for worldwide, on-demand private jet charter, jet card programs, and aircraft management services. Our more than 29 years of experience in operating business jets has earned us the reputation of a leader in the industry and global marketplace. Delta Private Jets has the longest-held ARG/US Platinum safety rating of any operation in the world.

Do I earn SkyMiles program miles on Charter Flights?

Miles are not awarded on a trip-by-trip basis when flying privately. All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption, and travel benefits. To review the rules, please visit


Can I fly internationally with the Delta Private Jets?

Yes, the Delta Private Jets Charter Program provides service both inside and outside of U.S. borders. Customers may fly within the continental United States and 225 miles off of those borders at their standard rate. In the event that a customer wishes to fly further than 225 miles beyond the U.S. borders, Delta Private Jets will guarantee aircraft availability; however flights will be billed at the applicable international hourly rate for the aircraft selected by the Charter customer.

Are there international fees when traveling to destinations outside the United States?

Trips that arrive at or depart to locations outside of the United States are subject to international fees instead of U.S. Federal Excise Tax (FET). Because FET is already in the hourly cost the dollar amount of FET will be applied toward any international fees that are being charged by the foreign government. In most cases however, the amount being charged for FET in the hourly rate does not cover the international fees. The remaining balance of the international fees will be deducted from the Cardholder's deposit.

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